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We are known for our meticulous and professional craftsmanship in both wall repair and painting. Our clients live comfortably in their space while we paint due to our clean and organized process. We are truly a refreshing, professional crew from start to finish.


As a color specialist and interior decorator, I was given a challenging task of transforming a desolate, cement filled backyard into a cozy, inviting urban venue perfect for enjoying a quiet morning coffee and intimate gatherings plus dance parties including a stage for a live band!


I help make the daunting process of color selection EASY and enjoyable. I consider your unique taste and current decor and the overall lighting when recommending colors that flow and create the new look and feel you desire. The results are absolutely stunning and unforgettable!


Color is in every element of your home from  walls to rugs and furniture. I design with my client to create a cohesive “color conversation” that flows throughout their space from the paint to the decor.  I repurpose and select new items to embellish the design your home to be a sanctuary.


This was NO small task yet I was excited for the challenge. I had just finished creating the empty shell interior into a glorious gem. Now my aim was for my client to also enjoy her outdoor space as an extension of her new home. THE BEFORE & AFTER PHOTOS ARE BREATH TAKING!  

For decorating advice, please call or email me to share your color dillema!
Color. Paint. Design. 
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For more information on how we work and how I can help you transform your space please call or email to discuss your project. I love a creative challenge!

When we are NOT decorating homes we are hanging HOLIDAY LIGHTING!  See PHOTOS of our wonderful gallery here:

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