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Paint The Town Red, Color Consulting, Decorating, Chicago, Design, 2017
Kelly e. Fitzsimmons
Paint The Town Red

4850 N. Broadway Ave.
Chicago, IL 60640

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Kelly is not a designer who wants her signature on your home, but rather she is intent on guiding you to your own signature style.

Kelly is truly gifted in her ability to walk through your home and intuit what your needs are, both functionally and aesthetically. She is different from other designers — she not only considers what look fabulous be she also considers the rhythm and routine of your life. She will steer you away from design mistakes, yet push you to take risks throughout her collaborative process.

Kelly’s real gift is creating a room which makes you feel a certain mood. Her work goes deeper than design. I would call it artistry. The results are exquisite and you get to live in it!  — Julie S. | Glenview, Illinois