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Transform Your Home.
Feel Fresh & New with Interior Painting.

“To us, it’s more than simply applying paint to walls. Interior painting done right with the proper colors define how you live and feel in your space.”

Paint your home new again
Interior painting transforms your home and makes your space feel fresh and new again.  Caulking and repairing minor or major cracks that occur over time is essential for home maintenance and your own sanity!

It’s all in the Prep
Living life to the fullest takes a toll on any home’s interior. That’s why before any painting begins, our expert Paint The Town Red crew meticulously repairs all dings and cracks so that your walls look new again.

We specialize in restoring surfaces to their original pristine condition. A smooth painted surface enhances the richness of your interior along with the overall value of your home. Furniture and flooring are fully covered before any work begins. It’s what you expect and how we operate.

Only the Best Paint Brands
As color specialists & expert painters, Paint The Town Red uses only the highest quality brands of contractor-grade paint such as Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, Donald Kaufman, Farrow & Ball, Modern Masters and Stark.


These paints offer hard enamels so your painting job lasts for years as well as rich pigments for the truest of colors.  All paints that we apply are LOW VOC (volatile organic compounds), they emit fewer chemicals into your home environment during application.

We help you define your interior space through the artistry of professional painting & color selection. Contact us today


For decorating advice, please call or email me to share your color dillema!
Color. Paint. Design. 
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Your Color Consultation

My painting job was finished ahead of time and is flawless! The finished product exceeded my expectations. My home was transformed into a warm, inviting space that is so welcoming.

Chicago, IL

Kelly's background in color lends a critical third dimension to the design process. She is astute in guiding you to create a beautiful atmosphere.
Her work goes deeper than design, I would call it artistry. Kelly's work is exquisite, and you get to live in it!


Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz

Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz

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