Quarantine Decorating Ideas


Lighting is one of the most important elements in design.

Our homes can go from stark and unwelcoming to cozy and warm just by swapping out a few bulbs.

Replace Incandescent Bulbs:

To save energy, money and our environment it is important to switch to LED if you have not yet. Be sure to use “warm white” LED bulbs to avoid a cool or blue light. We recommend 2800-3200K.

Clean your lamps: Sometimes the culprit to bad lighting is dirt (both the shade and the bulbs!)

For an easy lighting temperature guide visit http://www.Lumens.com/how-tos-and- advise/kelvin-color-temperature.html.

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Paint an Accent Wall


Has quarantine got you feeling a little cooped up? We suggest that you add a little color to your home. An accent wall is a fun and easy place to start. 

Be daring and try a new color and if you are intimidated then let US Paint The Town Red color & design experts help you explore color options during a complimentary color consultation. It is inspiring and can be life changing to your home!

Rearrange For A Fresh Perspective


Renovating your entire living room may not be in the cards at the moment, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some changes.

Try a new furniture and art layout: It’s easy to get in a rut with the same furniture setup, but what if you tried something new? Move the couch to a different wall, adjust where your chair sits, or mix things up by swapping rugs from one room to another. YOU WILL BE PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

Fresh Walls Can Change Your Life


Art redo: You can recreate your space and bring your artwork to life by simply taking all of your wall art down and then rehanging (only the pieces you love!) Go for it! You will be amazed and inspired after the GREAT REARRANGE!

Just PAINT: Or plan your painting project now while you are spending so much time in your home.

New, fresh colors will change your life. If choosing new colors sounds daunting, then let us help you select the painting colors! It’s FREE!

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