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After spending more time than ever inside and at home, many have jumped on the home improvement bandwagon. Now before tackling that decorating project alone, the benefits of a paint color consultation may surprise you. 

Remodeling and transforming your space should be fun! You’ve spent time compiling design inspiration, flipping through renovation magazines, and most likely even accumulated a number of paint samples. While that won’t go to waste, one step to not skip is scheduling a paint color consultation with a design and color expert.  

Taking on a painting or design project, without any expertise, has the potential to be one costly mistake. Booking a paint color consultation, not only gives you an expert second opinion but also has several advantages for saving you in the long run. 

4 Benefits Of Scheduling A Paint Color Consultation

1. Receive Feedback From A Color Expert 

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The number one benefit of a paint color consultation is gaining their knowledge and expertise. Although your local home improvement store can be a great resource, a paint color specialist brings forth an unprecedented amount of experience. As an expert for all things color, a professional color consultant also leverages color psychology and proven science to truly enhance a given room.  

A design artist is not only familiar with trending tones and patterns, but can also transform the concept into a timeless essence. They know just about every color on the market, having seen the good, bad, and the ugly. They’ll even provide their expertise when it comes to selecting the best brands. 

2. Save Time & Money 

Equal Savings of Time & Money from Paint Color Consultations

Upfront it may not seem apparent that you could be saving time and money from a paint color consultation. However, the amount of time spent gathering design inspiration and collecting samples can quickly snowball.  

A professional design expert won’t overload you with color options. Based on a color consultation, they’ll understand your intentions and narrow down the best selections. This keeps the process effortless, simple, and most importantly, fun.  

Additionally, when working with a designer, you won’t need to worry about making a costly mistake. They have a keen eye for detail, which carries over into furniture selections, lighting, and even flooring options. This is key when it comes to renovations, as even the smallest detail can result in an expensive mishap.

3. Achieve A Cohesive Flow

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When taking on a project within a room, it can be easy to lose focus on the surrounding space. While each room doesn’t necessarily need to match, you’ll still want to provide a subtle flow and balance throughout the entire home.  A paint color consultation can help you avoid a choppy break between rooms, creating one cohesive look.

A paint color consultation is extremely beneficial when wanting to incorporate a bold color. The design expert provides guidance while working within the color scheme, keeping the overall concept balanced. By leveraging color palettes, temperature families, and even pairing different hue variations, a color specialist helps you achieve the perfect design. 

4. Avoid Hidden Surprises 

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It’s an expensive failure when a decorating project appears different than expected. Reasons can vary from the color aesthetic to even the paint preparation. Unfortunately, with DIY home projects, this becomes a more common occurrence. 

With a paint color consultation, you can avoid hidden surprises that could cost you in the long run. They’ll identify underlying tones, lighting implications, and various details that could essentially overshadow a final project.  By working with a paint color expert, you can achieve your true vision and goals.

Let’s get started! 

Owner and Lead for Paint Color Consultations, Kelly Fitzsimmons

Everyone deserves to live in a home they love. Schedule your paint color consultation with our experts at Paint The Town Red to learn more about our process. Interested in learning more? Check out what our clients have to say on Houzz!

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