Find Your Confidence With Color 

Are those endless paint swatches wreaking havoc on your ability to pick the perfect paint color? Nobody should feel uncertain or have regret about a design option. You deserve to discover true color confidence. It’s time to call the amazing color consultant and owner of Paint The Town Red – Kelly Fitzsimmons

Color Consultant and Owner of Paint The Town Red, Kelly Fitzsimmons

With over 20 years of experience, Kelly has a profound passion for color. Not only does she aid as a leading color consultant, but Kelly is also your guide and confidant in up-leveling the home experience. It’s safe to say she has an eye for color. However, the Paint The Town Red methodology goes deeper. By working together and using the scientific revelations of color psychology, any space can transform into your gorgeous dream oasis. 

The Power Of Color 

The start to an exciting transformation begins with a color conversation, but the true magic happens when you are open to what’s possible. Colors evoke emotion, and they aren’t always surface-level. Discovering the power of color shouldn’t fall on you. Instead, you need guidance and a trusted resource to explore new depths and visions within a space.   

When working with Kelly, she seeks to gain an understanding of the room’s intentions and also the client’s desires. She leverages her design expertise and knowledge to cultivate a matching aesthetic, perfect for you. Most importantly, the process is fun – as it should be right? 

Color unfolds throughout every element in the home. Hue variations and color combinations are equally important when channeling a cohesive and complete concept. The same goes into play for factoring undertones or even lighting within a room. All of these details are refined when working with Kelly Fitzsimmons, your expert color consultant. 

Advantages Of Working With A Color Consultant 

Paint Swatches and Color Samples

Stepping into the world of design and architecture, without any expertise, is a massive undertaking. Not only can plans amount to extensive time spent, but costs can add up quickly.  

Working with an expert color consultant and professional has many advantages.

1. Saves Time

Formulating a design plan involves a number of steps. If you’re considering a renovation, you’ve most likely filled many Pinterest boards and have a pile of paint samples. But, are you still perplexed about the right color choice? Stop wasting time sorting through endless shades and leverage the expertise of a professional. 

A color consultant rids you of all of this unnecessary guesswork, saving you time during all phases of the design process. Whether you’re wanting to fully transform an entire home or simply elevate a single room, a color consultant harmonizes the perfect color palette without any back and forth nonsense. 

2. Saves Money

There’s no way around it – painting and home remodeling are expensive. However, a failed painting job is even worse. Or, how about the feeling of completing a room renovation, only to discover the chosen furniture differs from its anticipated hue. Your home is your biggest investment. While initially, it may seem extravagant to bring in a professional color consultant, the downfall of a paint mistake will prove you otherwise. 

3. Avoids Hassle

When two sides are struggling to reach a middle ground, a color consultant can serve as your mediator. As an objective third-party, they won’t take sides. Instead, they’ll find inspiration by incorporating the opposing views in an innovative way. 

Additionally, a color consultant helps finalize the project details, ensuring the design is complete and cohesive. You’ll avoid the hassle of feeling unsure, and instead gain confidence as you move forward in your decorating plans.  

Taking The Next Step

Owner of Paint The Town Red and Color Specialist, Kelly Fitzsimmons
Paint The Town Red, Color Consultants and Design Specialists
Vibrant Blue Room

As the owner of Chicago’s Paint The Town Red, Kelly Fitzsimmons leads a team of paint specialists and experts. With over 1,000 clients, they continue to make a huge impact and inspire the lives of many. As your color consultant, Kelly and her team will transform any room from dull to dashing – without demolition.  

The process begins with a conversation; give us a call today to take your space beyond the mundane. 

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