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It’s truly astounding how the addition of wallpaper can dress up a room! This playful interior design trend is making a striking comeback for 2021. Paint The Town Red is ready to help you tie this into your next home decorating project. 

Types of Wallpaper 

Nowadays, you’ll find an abundance of types of wallpaper available. Unfortunately, choosing the perfect one isn’t always straightforward. Before you can even get into the design patterns, you’ll need to choose a base material. This is the foundation, so picking the wrong one could result in a costly mistake. 

Our experts at Paint The Town Red have the inside knowledge and expertise about all the various types and styles for this interior design trend.   


Repetitive Print Wallpaper

The most popular type of wallpaper is vinyl. It consists of a backing paper or fiber sheet, which is then coated in a vinyl layer. Its composition makes it durable and easy to maintain. Vinyl is the best option for withstanding moisture or humidity, therefore, you’ll commonly see it within bathrooms or kitchens. You’ll find a variety of colors, designs, and patterns available in vinyl wallpapers. 


Wallpaper Roll

A traditional paper wallpaper showcases beautiful colors and hues. Digital prints of the paper are often mass-produced, keeping its cost fairly inexpensive. Its overall affordability and design varieties are the main driving factors for the popularity. Overall, many find hanging this classic style to be relatively simple but beware of its delicacy. The paper can easily tear or scratch, and it often fades when overexposed to the sun. Although it’s an affordable option upfront, it’s possible you’ll spend more with this interior design trend if you’re choosing a paper wallpaper.  

Embossed & Fabric 

Interior Design Trend of Textured Wallpaper

Let’s talk about texture! Playing with various mediums within a room is magical, which is why we absolutely love embossed and fabric wallpapers. Often, many are hesitant about an interior design trend that is so bold. However, if placed within the perfect space, it can be a truly striking design element. Most textured wallpaper consists of high-quality materials and can be difficult to hang. It’s best to work with a design specialist when working with this style of wallpaper. 

Foil & Mylar 

Print Wallpaper

Foil or mylar wallpaper is an excellent option for a small space. The polished metal finish works great in a room with little to no natural light. The downside to using this material is the shine accentuates any wall defects or imperfections. If you’re choosing to use a foil base, it’s best on a completely smooth surface.

There are many other types of wallpaper available on today’s market. To learn about additional styles or to discover which would work best in your space, give us a call!  

Wallpaper Design Options

A leading reason for the popularity behind this interior design trend is wallpaper’s versatility. It’s available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, designs, and even finishes. Your options are endless.  


Choosing a patterned design wallpaper is a playful way to add character to any room. Large patterns pair best within a larger space, working to keep the room open and big. Small repetitive patterns, such as geometric designs, are best kept within smaller areas.


Floral style wallpaper is a rising interior design trend for 2021. You can integrate this design in a variety of ways, such as retro, vintage, and even modern contemporary. Floral designs are best showcased by following similar rules for working with patterns.

Solid Colors

Solid color wallpapers are an excellent way to incorporate fun, vibrant tones. Keep in mind, working with darker colors will minimize the appearance of a room, while lighter shades work to keep the room open.


Textured patterns are one of the best ways to show off this beautiful interior design trend. The dimension of the paper adds a defining level of depth to the room. It also serves as a striking focal point and conversation starter. Its application is often challenging, and it’s recommended to work with a design specialist for the best results.    

Application Tips For Success

Applying Wallpaper

Hanging wallpaper involves a number of steps. Always verify the paper’s backing to determine the proper application steps. Prior to beginning the application, ensure the surface area is clean and free of all dirt. 

If working with a patterned design, you’ll want to pay attention to how the pattern repeats. The application can become tricky if the pattern lays in a straight line. However, if arranged randomly, it can be much easier to get right. 

To achieve a truly stunning result with this interior design trend, it’s best to work with a professional specialist.  

Ready To Try Out This Fabulous Interior Design Trend? 

Admiration of successful wallpaper application

If you’re ready to take on this interior design trend in your home, reach out to our team at Paint The Town Red. We’ll help you explore the absolute best fit for your home – whether that includes wallpaper or not! Set up a color consultation today with our leading expert Kelly Fitzsimmons. She has over 20 years of experience transforming beautiful homes into your dream oasis. Check us out on Houzz and see what our clients have to say!

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