Going Beyond The Mundane 

Does exploring daring interior paint color ideas sound intimidating? 

Paint The Town Red can show you the benefits of going bold. With professional expertise, they’ll match the perfect color based on a room’s intention and the power of color psychology.

Color is a form of expression, and depending on its use can have a significant or subtle effect on our mood. However, color within the home is often underutilized. Going beyond the mundane and exploring dramatic paint color ideas is a great and fun way to add character to a room. Yet, taking on this creative challenge is not always easy on your own.

The color experts at Paint The Town Red take the guesswork out of interior paint color ideas. If choosing to go bold, you can rest assured with your trusted interior design color specialist.  With Paint The Town Red’s innovative color selection process, you’ll never need to fear stepping out of the ordinary. 

Professional color consultant and owner of Paint The Town Red, Kelly Fitzsimmons, will show you how to achieve a stunning design using these 5 creative paint color ideas: 

1. Saturated Red Hues 

Up first on the list of statement interior paint colors is, of course, red.

Many shy away from wanting to use this strong color within the home, fearful of it appearing too harsh or intense. While red is undoubtedly powerful, it also works to drive up energy and promote confidence.  It represents passion and love, therefore incorporating a fiery red within the bedroom can evoke a heightened level of desire.

The use of red is also great for stimulating conversation. Studies even show it works to increase appetite. Next time you’re at a restaurant, check to see what paint color is on the wall. You’re likely to see some variation of a red hue, as it’s great for business. This methodology holds true within your own home too. Therefore, you’ll often find great success when selecting red paint color ideas for the kitchen or dining room. 

Red Paint Living Room

2. Two-Tone Color Combinations

Pantone’s 2021 color of the year signifies the power of combining colors together. This year’s look showcases the union of Pantone 17-5104 Ultimate Gray + Pantone 13-0647 Illuminating. They are two stunning paint color ideas independently, but can also come together to form a single, harmonious look.  

The marriage of two colors on a single wall creates a prominent color contrast. It is a great way to add dimension and a splash of color, without the full commitment. You define the rules when it comes to this design style. Vary the height of the color blocks to your liking and get creative by picking daring shades. Torn on selecting paint color ideas? See what the color specialists at Paint The Town Red have to say by setting up a color consultation for expert advice.  

Two-Tone Paint Color Ideas

3. Burnt Orange & Rust

Burnt Orange is a timeless paint color idea that pairs perfectly against neutral furnishing and floorings. A bold autumn hue can serve as a stunning accent wall or even work throughout an entire space. According to color psychology, orange is often associated with warm, energetic vibes. To many, the deep shades of orange even evoke a sense of comfort. While this interior paint color can work in several different rooms, it’s an excellent choice to use within a living or dining room. 

Room with Orange Hues

4. Deep Tones: Midnight Blue, Charcoal Gray, and Black

Working with deep, dark interior paint colors can be challenging, yet remarkably rewarding. Shades of blue, gray, and black can provide a sense of sophistication and elegance within a room. The color blue emits a calming atmosphere. However, using darker variations lends to a stronger sensation of power and masculinity. Gray is a color that signifies neutrality and balance. Working with deeper gray paint colors showcases a more serious presence in a room. 

Black is symbolic of strength. Its use can provide a luxurious or moody emotion within a room. For beginners, it’s best to start small when working with this dramatic color, as it also can inflict the feeling of anger. Consider only a splash of this tone as an accent rather than applying it to an entire room. You can even dress up its appearance by introducing various finishes, such as matte or gloss.  

Moody and Dark Paint Color Ideas

5. Yellow

Playing with a fun, yellow interior paint color idea can aid in adding a level of cheer and sunshine within a space. However, too much of the vibrant, saturated hue, can actually have the exact opposite effect. A soft, pale yellow is much easier on the eyes and elevates the feeling of happiness. Although it can work in various rooms, using this joyous color within a kitchen or even an office is a great option.  

To hear more tips on how a dramatic paint color idea can work within your home, reach out to the team at Paint The Town Red and schedule your color consultation to get started today.

Bright Yellow Paint in Living Room

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