For many of us, selecting an interior paint color can be an agonizing experience. With so many color choices on the market, selecting the right match often takes time, patience, and is definitely not easy.  As a paint color specialist, Kelly Fitzsimmons eases the process with her in-depth color knowledge and personalized approach. She even makes picking the perfect paint color fun and simple.  So, what’s her secret?

For starters, Fitzsimmons owned a painting company for over 20 years. Therefore, her perspective and understanding of color, styles, and preferences are from real, first-hand experiences. Additionally, contrary to the popular belief of many paint color specialists, she never bases a paint decision on a trend. While a client can always gather inspiration from popular color designs, Kelly Fitzsimmons helps choose the right color based on three main factors.  

Feeling & Intention

Color selections for an inviting living room and gathering space.

The fundamental component that sets this leading paint color specialist apart from the rest, is her client connection and ability to understand their needs and feelings. Oftentimes, these are perspectives Fitzsimmons derives from words unsaid. Color consultations serve as an opportunity to identify what the room is missing. She also determines how the client uses or intends to use the space. These answers and more begin to form the base for finding the perfect paint color. 


Next, Kelly Fitzsimmons shifts focus on the home’s architecture. Even subtle features within a room can play a defining role in showcasing a complete vision. Her superb design ability shines through further with the use of prominent accent pieces, such as fireplaces or backsplash. Fitzsimmons uses the power of architecture to achieve cohesion and flow within the entire home. 


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The final element that plays a vital role in selecting the perfect paint color is lighting. Paint color specialists, such as Fitzsimmons, understand that both natural and artificial lighting can have a major effect on the appearance of paint colors. Therefore, you should never select a color choice prior to upgrading your lighting. Interested in knowing which option Kelly Fitzsimmons recommends on the Kelvin Color Temperature Scale?  Find out her answer and more paint color specialist tips by reaching out to our team today!

Ready To Pick The Right Color?

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We’d love to know your thoughts on selecting the best paint color. Did any of these factors surprise you? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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