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Interior color specialist and decorator influenced by colors of the world. Kelly Fitzsimmons is no ordinary interior designer. She’s a world-traveled artist and photographer who has parleyed her understanding of color, design and detail into the successful Chicago-based interior design and painting company, Paint The Town Red.

“Her work goes deeper than design. I would call it artistry. ” – Julie S. 

How she integrates tones and textures is influenced by the vivid colors of the people and places of the world that she’s visited and photographed. “My approach to color selection and decorating is collaborative, playful and focused,” says Fitzsimmons. “I’m intent on bringing life and passion into each space I create.

“My sole purpose is for my clients to be deeply inspired in their own surrounding.”

Fitzsimmons encourages her clients to select colors and textures that truly inspire them and are in line with their intention for each room they’re enhancing. Whether it’s a condo, townhouse or single-family home, she believes that the home is a place for personal inspiration and comfort where people celebrate life with family and friends. “Design is simply the combination of all colors, patterns and fabrics found in your flooring, walls, upholstery and artwork whether new or repurposed,” Fitzsimmons explains.

“When I collaborate with clients on design, the outcome is a choreographed and exhilarating dance of color.”

Accommodating clients’ unique tastes and styles creates a design challenge that I thrive on!

Drawing on the architecture and colorful textiles of your home, Fitzsimmons exquisitely creates designs for clients that suit their unique color and décor preferences. From custom upholstery, drapery and bedding to non-traditional palette selections.

“Fitzsimmons creates designs that fit the lifestyle and intentions of each homeowner.”

Fitzsimmons’ travels continue to influence her unique brand of color and texture integration. She gently guides clients away from the ordinary and toward a world of sophisticated décor. Before long, they are celebrating life in colorful surroundings of their own inspiration.

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Paint Color Specialist, In Home 2-hr Chicago Color Consultation $595. Designing & Painting Amazing Homes for 20 yearsColor. Paint. Design.

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Kelly is truly gifted in her ability to walk through your home and intuit what your needs are, both functionally and aesthetically. She is simply different from other designers.
She not only considers what looks fabulous but she also takes into account the rhythm and routine of your life. She’ll share her insights and lead you forward toward your vision.


Our design consultations were easy, fun and efficient. She really understood my style right away and that made for a fast and creative process. My downtown high-rise lacked personality and now it really feels like home. From the painting to the wallpaper to the drapery and bedding she customized my home to perfect suit me.

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Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz

Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz

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“PAINT THE TOWN RED” is a “colorful” term originating in the US around during the 1880’s. It means,”wild spree” or going “out on the town” to have fun. This expression literally and figuratively suits what we do. We have fun with color! We create joyous spaces through a simple, personalized color-selection process. Selecting colors to convey a mood or to create a feeling is what we do best.

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