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The Science of Color Selection
For two decades we have created stunning interior spaces that reflect our clients’ personalities and lifestyles.

Paint The Town Red understands the science and spirit of selecting paint colors to make a home feel inviting and cozy.

choosing the right colors to paint your home is a  daunting task especially with the looming cost and headache of making a mistake

As personal color consultants, we help homeowners select the color palette and decor that suits their taste and style.  After considering the nuances of the lighting, furnishing and architecture, we determine which soothing neutrals or vibrant hues work for the space and our client’s vision.

A Color Consultation is Invaluable – do it right the first time!

  • statistically, homes are only painted every 7-10 years so, the colors you select will be with you for a long time creating the ambiance of your space.
  • if you hate the color you painted then you have the cost of repainting plus struggling to again find the the right color. 
  • your time is valuable and trips to the paint store for samples and the painting them on your wall is just time consuming and overwhelming. Let an expert take the stress out of the process for truly stunning results!
  • not to mention the frustration of how the colors change with different lighting and at different times of the day. Selecting colors is not easy! There is a science to it.

A Color Specialist Saves You..
Time: You avoid repeat trips to the paint store staring at paint chips
Money: You escape the cost of re-painting & purchasing endless samples
You eliminate the worry and overwhelm of choosing wrong colors

How Our Color Selection Works

My personal “hands-on” 2-hour collaborative color consultation begins with walking through your home and discussing your taste and style. We will define how you want your home to look and feel.

Through a thorough, step-by-step creative process I share and compare color options from over 4,000 hues. 

By the end of the consult we will have selected just the right colors to achieve the vision you have for your home.

My team and I are your color consultants and designers throughout the entire interior painting and decorating process. Following your consultation, you can ask me paint, color and design questions for FREE for one week following your consultation. We enjoy being there from start to finish.

“Finding just the right paint color is hard and time consuming!” Jamie V.

Please contact us to learn more about consulting
fees and scheduling.
We can accommodate most color emergencies! 

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I felt so frustrated trying to choose colors for my home. Within 2-hours Kelly had recreated our space and vision for our home. We hired her professional painting team and they were exquisite. Now our home looks bigger and newer!

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Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz

Kelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on HouzzKelly Fitzsimmons in Chicago, IL on Houzz