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Stellar 20+ year track record in providing interior design consultation, home maintenance and repair in the Chicago area, with a focus on assisting busy parents and professionals with personalized service they can rely on.
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Maintenance/ Repair
I believe every person deserves to live in a home that embodies peace and their personality. I want to help them achieve that without struggling or making expensive mistakes.

– Kelly Fitzsimmons

Interior/Exterior Painting
Fresh paint is a fantastic way to personalize your home and business. Whether your style is bright and bold, fun and whimsical, or understated and neutral, Paint The Town Red is ready to help you turn your vision into reality.
Beautiful finishing details for your home make it come to life. Our skilled team of craftsmen can transform your house into a work of art with stunning custom cabinets, elegant crown moldings, and stylish trim work.

The same attention to detail is given to your home repairs and renovations. From building a deck to putting up a fence – we create things that last.

Manteinance/ Repair/Assembly
The day to day home maintenance tasks – fixing a leaky pipe, cleaning the gutters, or putting together a swingset – pile up and take more time than you could have ever guessed. Now, imagine coming home and having them all done… We can make that dream come true!

No need to go to multiple specialty contractors to find help with a few ‘odd jobs’. We have a full suite of skilled handymen and craftsmen to tackle a wide variety of projects.

Our professional drywall services can help transform any room, from patching up small holes and cracks to completely remodeling an entire space.

Well-prepared drywall will provide the perfect canvas if you are looking to repaint your home. We specialize in installing new drywall, taping, and texturing to create a flawless finish that’s sure to impress.

Backyard Patio Lighting
Find inspiration outside! With so much time spent indoors, having a comfortable, inviting respite in your own backyard is invaluable. Create the perfect setting by including professional lighting for your yard, patio, deck, or gazebo.

Commercial grade lighting for outdoor areas will provide you with long-lasting, low-maintenance ambient lighting that is ready for long evenings with loved ones.

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