High quality paint online

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High quality paint online

If your home’s interior is beginning to look shabby and dull, you can brighten it up and improve the appearance with paint. A freshly painted surface will make the rooms look better and will give your home an instant update. There are some important tips for choosing and applying new paint in your home. You can begin by shopping for high quality paint online. The best paints are those that provide nice, strong colors that are easy to apply and will last a long time.

Tips for Choosing Paint

Painted surfaces look their best when you use the best possible paint on them. It is also important to properly prepare the surface for paint before you begin the job. Choose products that are designed for the specific surface you will be painting. You can find high quality paint online.

There are various types of finishes that are available. The type of finish can make a difference in the way a painted surface looks. Flat paint is one of the most popular choices for walls and ceilings. It can hide some of the defects or blemishes in a wall or ceiling and it almost always looks good. Other options are matte, satin and gloss. Satin and gloss paints are typically used for trim but is also utilized on other surfaces.

There are also different types of paints. High quality paint online is available in different formulas. Acrylic, oil and waterborne are the most common types of paint. Our interior acrylic paint provides a remarkable coating that is easy to apply. It is made with an odorless formula and dries quickly. You can usually apply one coat of primer and two complete finish coats in just one day. These paints are easy to clean up and even matte paints can be easily cleaned after application.

Traditional oil paint provides an extremely durable surface. It can be heavily pigmented and offers excellent hiding power. It resists fading and can be used on plaster, wallboard, wood, metal and plastic.

Many Color Options

High quality paint online is available in many thousands of colors. These include the classic European color chart, 7,000 FPE colors and 3,000 Pantone colors. In addition, you can order high quality paint online in an unlimited number of custom tinted colors.

It is important to keep in mind that the colors you view on your computer or device screen may not appear exactly as the color would look in person. Therefore, you may want to order a color chart to look at the colors in your particular home lighting. You may contact us to request our literature that includes a Classic European Color Chart. You may also request a DVD. Our exclusive DVD features an overview of pain history and is presented by John Lahey, founder and CEO of Fine Paints of Europe. If you are considering painting your home there is no better paint system available than Fine Paints of Europe. Contact us today to learn more about our exquisite paint options.




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High quality paint online

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