Outdoor Project 1


OUTDOOR SPACE can be transformed into living space to be enjoyed almost all year long!
Expand your home and enjoy a bit more of the outdoors.

Outdoor Project 1
Outdoor Project 3

Naked City Lot to Urban Oasis

 We created a welcoming oasis to rest, read, and invite friends over to relax, dance, and simply share an escape from the urban surroundings and busy work schedules.

We began by layering rustic colored stains on the naked cement to create a weathered look. Then, we mocked up various layout for the space to determine placement of furniture and foliage.

Outdoor Project 3
Outdoor Project 5


Outdoor Project 6
Outdoor Project 6


Outdoor Project 8

The second floor deck just off the kitchen felt like an extension of the living room. The deck exudes comfort, style, and functionality. To create shade and privacy, we installed lattice along the side and a beautiful bright yellow awning, which retreats at night, so you can look at the beautiful night sky.

“Kelly turned my lifeless yard into a wonderland of color and comfort. I am overwhelmed with joy! “– Bjorg

Outdoor Project 9

The garden was also constructed for an intimate morning coffee and a gentle breeze reprieve for my busy client, who owns her own business and is a growing success. Her space and her solitude are critical as her business world is demanding and busy.

The feeling of lushness and serenity was inescapable. The moment you walk into the backyard, you are enveloped by a verdant garden that simply invites you to sit, be still, and breathe, which counters the surrounding busy street life and urban business just beyond its walls.

Outdoor Project 9
Outdoor Project 11
Outdoor Project 12

“She designed amazing beds of brightly colored flowers and plants to add to the intended hacienda look and feel.” Bjorg (client)

Outdoor Project 13

We stacked narrow flower beds of recycled wood along the perimeter and planted vibrant flowers and seasonal plants that would give us crawling vines, dramatic leaves, and exotic floral beauty of varying heights to drown out the city sounds.

We created a place to call home and a place to celebrate friendships — A space that brings nature back into our daily lives.

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