paint color psychology Chicago

paint color psychology Chicago

Oscar Wilde thought that mere color without an additional description of words would speak to the soul in a thousand ways. The Institute of Color Research states that people can easily make a subconscious choice of an item with the first reaction from its color.

Human beings have a natural way of processing color since the prehistoric age and beyond. Interior design color consultants experience a variety of colors daily and use our inbound genetic code to choose a befitting color. The following is a psychology of color, so you know the background of choosing the best one.

Psychological tips of choosing a paint color

The room’s purpose

Which room are you looking to revamp with a new color? Maybe you want a new color because you want your family to enjoy spending more time on the open kitchen counter as you prepare meals. A warm and nurturing color will be fun in creating a social space that excites your cooking time.

However, some people prefer a more serene ambiance because they enjoy cooking as a sensual experience. Consider looking at color schemes from our color consultants near me, so you have a variety of options to include in each one. The living room is the first point of visual contact and should uplift the house’s overall mood with warmth. A dining room is the more relaxing standard room and should have color pastels that are soothing to most people’s eyes.

Flow with nature

What are the surrounding colors of your home? Do you live in a sandy area that gives the ambiance of a desert or a compound with tall green landscapes? Generally, the colors are subdued when the environment is mute and less harsh. A more green space allows for pastel and pure colors because they make a beautiful addition to the scenery.

Study the colors

One of the biggest mistakes when choosing a color to better your mood is failing to compare paint samples like a puzzle. The wall color is only one piece of the puzzle, with combinations that make for a more natural effect. Consider the following pieces when distributing the colors:

  • Window treatment
  • Carpeting
  • Lighting
  • Pillows
  • Furniture
  • Carpet

The result of all color schemes should be neutral and balanced when you use professional color schemes. Our color consultant or interior designer will moderate the bold colors and create just the right ambiance with different color palettes.

Consider white

Do you ever wonder why hospital rooms have predominantly bright or white colors? Paint color consultation services reveal that these choices are soothing and have a spa-like and ethereal quality.

Resort to white or a bright sky blue if you want to be more liberal with other design options, all while enjoying uplifting the room’s mood. White gives you a safe background for many tone variations while straying as far as you wish for a comfortable mix. White is also the best to create a romantic and exotic ambiance with gold or glowing tones.

Our paint color psychology in Chicago has a backing of several years of experience in both residential and commercial properties. Request a color consultation at or call 773-398-7551 for immediate feedback on ways a color consultant can help you.


paint color psychology Chicago

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