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Better Homes & Garden Feature: Paint The Town Red

Bjorg Solstad is preparing for a night on the town, except the party, and dance floor is located in her own backyard, thanks to Paint The Town Red! With Lenny Johnson, her accomplished musician partner, they have created a space that was dull and bland to exciting and full of energy, and provided a space where the couple was able to provide funky tunes to their friends in family in the comfort of their own home!

Before the couple renovated the home, it was hardly a destination spot. Previous owners left the property aging with little warmth and even a rat infestation, not to mention a backyard bathed in bland concrete. Bjorg wanted a space that reflected her love for warm colors, textures, and entertaining guests. Luckily, that is exactly what Paint The Town Red was able to offer her.

“When I first saw the concrete, I wanted it out” says Bjorg. “But then I thought about grass and having to cut it, and we decided to keep the concrete and transform it”.

She sought help of interior designer and color specialist, Kelly Fitzsimmons to guide her through the process of transforming her home and the monolithic gray eyesore into a destination space worthy of kinetic soirees.

Similar to the way she would approach an interior room design where walls, floor, ceiling, architecture, and furniture pieces define the space, Fitzsimmons addressed each element individually. The wooden fence was given a coat of brown paint so it would recede originally into the background. The couple agrees that painting the concrete floor was the single most difficult task, requirement perfect weather conditions throughout the process.

“I see a home or project in blocks of color, and this slab of concrete was gray and depressing. If we didn’t add color to it, it would take away from the cozy, hacienda feeling we designed for the space” Fitzsimmons says.

Festoon lights were draped above the new “dance floor” and yellow awnings – Bjorg’s favorite color – were hung above the balcony to provide shade on the hot, southern-exposed seating area. Container gardens were made of reclaimed wood and outfitted with trellises to grow climbing roses, mandevilla vines, and honeysuckle.

Small deciduous trees, like rose of Sharon and dwarf lilac, planted in containers along the fence are changed from year to year. Color seating areas done in orange and yellow shades compliment the mosaic tables and the rustic feel of the floor.

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