Virtual Color Consultant

Virtual Color Consultant

Paint paralysis is an actual condition that affects designers and homeowners. They find themselves staring at paint swatches and thousands of infinite color combinations to bring the new project to life. Attempting to narrow down the suitable color scheme becomes a task for finding the right color for the wall, ceiling, accent areas, and trims. Interior design color consultants will save you money and time by explaining what you can get from our virtual color consultation process.

What are paint color consultation services?

Paint color consultation is a service that focuses on color palettes to give you better exterior and interior colored spaces. We consider the variety of options you prefer and how they influence the environment before recommending ways a color consultant can help you.

The bottom line is that the virtual color consultant has a complex specialty in understanding colors’ effects in various spaces. We combine psychology, trends, and color design theories to offer a successful solution for your project. Our consultation services cover the following details:

  • An evaluation of the exterior and interior environment
  • The finishes and colors of the space
  • A keen study of the interior floors, fabrics, artwork, furnishings, accessories, and exterior colors of the roof, siding, brick, and unique architectural features
  • Lighting and additional elements that bring out the essence of the color palette

Length of a color consultation program

Our color consultant or interior designer recommends at least two hours of a color consultation appointment to get a complete idea of the project. We have a three-step consultation service that takes in all your concerns, offers a color report and a final quote for you to get a detailed color report.

The first stage of the consultation has a dedication to the client. We listen to your ideas and suggestion about the colors you want and the objectives of the space. We want to know what you plan to achieve with the colors so we know how to help achieve these goals.

The next step is producing a report that matches the evaluation of the environment. We consider all influences as indicated above and the unique factors that give your space a unique appeal. The report is clear enough for you to execute the project with ease, without additional consultation service. We will then offer an accurate quote of all color palettes when certain you are satisfied with the color report.

Cost of color consultation

The ultimate cost of color consultation depends on the scope and size of the project. We are happy to discuss the details of the estimate if you have any questions. The most common color consultation structure fees are the flat rate and hourly fee. There are pros and cons for each one. We mainly use the flat-rate structure, which allows you t know what to expect at the onset of the project.

Are you ready to initiate your color consultation? Please do not wait until you know what to anticipate in your space because we can get you out of the confusion of choosing the best color matches. Get in touch with color consultants near me (773-398-7551) for more information on all our pain selection routines.


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